FX – Middle East

A busy weekend, so now a posting flood…

Lebanon: More on #YouStink protests.

Thousands of demonstrators continue protests in Lebanese capital

Lebanese Protesters Aim for Rare Unity Against Gridlocked Government

Turkey: From NPR., a new form of risk-taking.

Kurdish Activists Camp Out Between Turkey’s Army And Kurdish Fighters

Iran: Much of what can be said about the pending deal has already been said (and posted), but there are still a few things worth sharing.

Zarate et al – Using financial sticks to control Iran

Mousavian – A rejection of the nuclear deal could lead to radicalism in Iran

Syria: Two things about war: first, war is, essentially, young men dying badly (can’t find the source of that quote), and second, war always involves civilian death – women, children, the elderly – and complaints about collateral damage are rather naive since it’s unavoidable. (Anyone with neocon leanings needs to remember these things.) So, pictures first, which helps to set up the reasons for the problem described in the second article.

Syria’s Children

As tragedies shock Europe, a bigger refugee crisis looms in the Middle East

Keep these numbers in mind: In the early 1990s we did an immigration topic for CX, and at the time there were something like 25 million displaced people worldwide. About half were displaced internally (still in their original country), and the other half had managed to cross a border to another country.

The latest figure I’ve heard for displaced people currently is 60 million worldwide. The article above says 11 million are from Syria alone. Is there any hope of the situation, either in Syria or globally, improving?


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