CX – Surveillance

Manjoo talks about the way we lead digital lives, and what hacks (and the expectation of future hacks) have done to privacy, and our perception of it. Is anything electronic private any more?

Manjoo – Hacking Victims Deserve Empathy, Not Ridicule

I’ve mentioned before the massive amount of information corporations have on us via our interactions with them. If their efforts to prevent hacks mean dealing more closely with the government, does that allow the Federal Government (since it would involve nationwide expertise/involvement) access to information others have gathered?

The most troublesome amendments to the cybersecurity bill

You’re tracked by companies not only as a consumer, but also as an employee – even, sometimes, after hours – as the following story discusses a few minutes in. (Listen to the whole story – this is what many of you may encounter in future workplaces. Not Forensics, but still relevant to your life.)

Technologies And Philosophies Changing The Workplace


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