FX and NX – U.S. Foreign Policy

My degree is in Political Science, with a fondness for International Relations. It’s meant that my teams have done well in FX more than NX, and our CX trips to Nationals have coincided with the every-third-year international topics.

It is with great interest that I watch the foreign policy pronouncements of the Republican candidates. The following article, put on-line last night and due to appear in print this Sunday, discusses the dilemmas the candidates face. Gotta love the title, too.

Between Iraq and a Hawk Base

My Middle East post yesterday had Dionne and Betts articles discussing Realism in the context of the Iran deal. Where does the above article intersect with what they said? A Fallows article I posted a while back, also on the Iran deal, pointed out that the Neocons opposing the deal were the same people who led us into the 2003 decision to invade Iraq. Any lessons learned? The Hemmer article (posted 8/27, last one in the FX – Around the World post) also mentions the disdain for diplomacy among Neocons. But the limits of a military-first policy would seem to be summed up by the Fontaine quote on Page 10 (third paragraph). So, what then?

I leave you with something my debate coach passed on to me the year we did the unilateral military intervention CX topic: look up the Phil Ochs song ‘Cops of the World’ (which can be found on Spotify). Are we, or should we be, the cops of the world?


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