FX – EU Migrant Crisis

First, the graphics, including map and numbers:

Which Countries Are Under the Most Strain in the European Migration Crisis?

Hungary: More from NPR today.

Budapest Opens Rail Station But Suspends Train Service To The West

Migrants Board Trains In Budapest But International Borders Remain Closed

Hungarian Police Attempt To Force Migrants Into Refugee Camp

Hungarian Prime Minister Says Migrants Are Germany’s Problem

From the Washington Post:

Muslims threaten Europe’s Christian identity, Hungary’s leader says

Let me see if I have this right: Sell them tickets but then cancel the trains. When one does run, it goes to a refugee camp and not to the border. Put up razor wire on your south border to keep them out, but for those who did get in ahead of the wire don’t let them leave. And be a good nationalist and denounce the refugees’ lack of Christianity.

I appreciate Hungary’s position in the matter, but this hardly looks like an effective solution. Note that most of the actions are governmental; the stories mention the generosity and kindness of many Hungarians not in official positions.

If they do get past Hungary, and to Germany (the favored destination), then this is next:

Seeking Asylum In Germany Can Mean Living In Limbo

Figures I heard earlier gave Germany’s refugee numbers as 800,000 this year (projected). That’s 1% of their total population. For us that same percentage would mean taking in over 3,000,000 people in a year.


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