NX (mostly) and FX – Demographics

Is it part of the purpose of a teacher/educator to resize the heads of their audience? This article does that, with graphics that should make you re-think what you know about America and the world.

Maps 1-8 are domestic; 9-12 are global. FXers: take note of map 10.

How so many of the world’s people live in so little of its space

The take-aways, besides realizing all the things you thought you knew but really didn’t, start with the politics of population distribution and how that impacts the red/blue makeup of Congress. (Map 3: 14 states means 28 senators.) Map 1 domestically, and maps 9 and 10 globally, pose a different question: if things go bad in the high-density areas (global warming, war, whatever), where do all those people go? (What are some of the reasons for the largely uninhabited areas? Are they an option? Services and infrastructure?) Syria is giving the EU a preview of that issue.


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