FX – Around the World

Middle East first.

Afghanistan: I posted an article earlier about an attack also described in this story. It seemed to represent something new – a rare thing in a conflict that’s over a dozen years old and that has seen almost everything so far. This article expands on the matter, and why it is indeed both new and very disturbing.

Afghans See a Collapse of Tradition in a Spate of Devious Attacks

Israel: We talk a lot about Americans who go overseas to aid Islamic extremists. What about the ones who help Jewish extremists?

Hirschhorn – Israeli Terrorists, Born in the USA

Egypt: With the Muslim Brotherhood shut down, what fills the vacuum left by its absence?

Militant cells are carrying out more brazen attacks across Egypt

Syria: individually, and with Russia

Islamic State has killed many Syrians, but Assad’s forces have killed even more

Russian Moves in Syria Pose Concerns for US

Eurasia next:

Russia and Ukraine: Some insight into both countries.

Maria Gaidar, a Scion of a Famous Russian Family, Switches Loyalty to Ukraine

China: First, more on Zombies! Then, on to Zakaria, one of the best foreign affairs people around. As much as I have, from years ago, very bad memories of Henry Kissinger, he makes some good points in his comments to Zakaria.

Zombie Factories, Ghost Cities Haunt China’s Shanxi Province

Zakaria – Republican candidates bash China at our own peril

On to the Americas.

Guatemala: things reach the ‘now what?’ stage

As Vote Looms, Some in Guatemala Foresee More Frustration

Brazil: Is there light at the end of the tunnel, or is it just an oncoming train?

Nocera – A Silver Lining to Brazil’s Troubles


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