FX (mostly) and NX – Migrants

First, the EU component:

Hungary: Whatever political hay could be made while the refugee sun was shining, events overtook those plans and refugees are being allowed to cross the Hungarian-Austrian border. Some get to take the bus, others decided to leave the train station and just walk (a distance of about 100 miles – how many days of walking?). The Hungarian people are behaving with much more consideration than their government officials.

Hungary Bows to Defiant Migrants, Promising Buses to the Border

Hungary’s Orban invokes Ottoman invasion to justify keeping refugees out

Hungary’s prime minister becomes Europe’s Donald Trump

The business side of the issue.

Smuggling refugees into Europe is a new growth industry

Migrant Smuggling in Europe Is Now Worth ‘Billions’

Camps and numbers – ghosts of history past?

Treatment of Migrants Evokes Memories of Europe’s Darkest Hour

Germany’s challenge.

As Germany Welcomes Migrants, Some Wonder How to Make Acceptance Last

Politics! I’m not sure I agree with the first article’s title, in part because of the point of the second one. Then Anne Applebaum pretty much excoriates everyone involved in a scathing look at the overall situation. Does that pivot the discussion back to the point of the first article?

Exodus of Syrians Highlights Political Failure of the West

The Arab world’s wealthiest nations are doing next to nothing for Syria’s refugees

Applebaum – Europe’s multi-layered hypocrisy on refugees

The NX part: What role should the U.S. play in the Syrian refugee crisis?

Many Obstacles Are Seen to US Taking in Large Number of Syrian Refugees

As I’ve pointed out elsewhere, the exodus of people from Africa and the Middle East towards Europe isn’t the only refugee/migrant crisis in the world. Southeast Asia has it’s own issues – rather drowned out due to the numbers and images from the Mediterranean area. How is that migrant crisis going?

Australia’s Brutal Treatment of Migrants


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