FX – Around the World

Syria: This could be worth watching – the Druse are a major faction.

Unrest Mounts in Southern Syria After Druse Cleric Dies in Blast

Afghanistan: How do broken countries get fixed?

Killings a Cloud Over Afghan Leader’s Update on Reforms

Iran: In 1983 the U.S. Embassy in Beirut (Lebanon) was bombed. The author of the following article was there that day.

McCullough – The time for peace with Iran has come

Mexico: Will these chickens ever come home to roost?

Independent Group Rejects Mexican Government’s Case on 43 Missing Students

International Experts Dismiss Mexico’s Account of Apparent Student Massacre

Contradictions in Mexican Government Probe Into Missing 43

Australia: The article I posted the other day on Australia’s treatment of migrants (often in illegal ways) may be connected to this article – the story of a conservative politician playing to his base after being elected, in spite of public opinion. Could that happen in America?

Australian Leader, Opposing Gay Marriage, Faces Party and Family Opposition

Thailand: Speaking of a government-public opinion split…

Thai Draft Constitution Is Rejected by Junta-Backed Council

Cambodia and China: Life near a gorilla that probably weighs a lot more than 800 pounds.

China’s Back Yard – Cambodia – The push and pull of China’s orbit


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