FX – Around the World

Migrants; EU first.

EU: Roger Cohen offers some historical perspective – and the Boldini quote at the end of the article begs to be used in an FX speech intro.

Roger Cohen – Aylan Kurdi’s Europe

A small article in today’s local paper mentioned the number of foreign IDs they’re finding beside the roads in Serbia, just before the Hungarian border. Apparently people who aren’t Syrian are ditching their identities and ‘becoming’ Syrian because they think it’ll improve their chances at EU admittance. Iraq, Afghanistan, and Bangladesh IDs were all mentioned.

Iraqis join an intensifying flow of refugees to Europe from Turkey


German Quota System Highlights Possible Path and Pitfalls for Handling Crisis

Despite Warm Welcome, There’s A Backlash Against Migrants In Germany

Hungary: More perspective – a refugee’s train trip across Hungary – in 1979.

Callimachi – A Train Journey From Communism to Freedom, Almost Ended in Hungary – 1979

Australia: More on their tough response. Refugees, or economic migrants?

Australia Uses Tough Measures To Keep Migrants Out

Guatemala: Elections!

Ballots Tallied After Guatemalans Vote For Next President

Afghanistan: Transitions from cult-of-personality figures are rarely smooth.

Taliban’s New Leader in Afghanistan Moves to Quash Dissent

China: Lawyers aren’t the only ones feeling the heat.

Caijing Journalist’s Shaming Signals China’s Growing Control Over News Media

India: Games (rich) people play – apparently everywhere.

India targets tax evaders who hide ‘black money’ at home and abroad

Venezuela: More on the expulsions of Colombians.

Mass Deportations Fuel Tension Along Venezuela-Colombia Border

And to finish a truly global trip, the Arctic, with special guest appearances by China and Russia.

US builds up Arctic spy network as Russia and China increase presence – LA Times


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