CX – Surveillance

If you don’t know what ‘doxing’ is, you should.

Organizational Doxing and the End of Online Privacy – The Atlantic

I’m glad, at the moment, that we’re doing a government surveillance topic. I’m hoping that it minimizes the chances of Neg arguments claiming the end of the world as a result of the Aff case. On other topics, I’d expect to see the following articles weaponized into Armageddon scenarios regardless of how far-fetched the links actually were. They’re passed on for your education/information.

The strange link between global climate change and the rise of the robots

Wadhwa – Why there’s an urgent need for a moratorium on gene editing

(There is one scenario I can think of where the second article might be used by the Neg: If the threat of bioterrorism has increased because of the technology the article describes, then more surveillance is justified because of the magnitude of the risk of such a horrible possibility.)


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