FX – Middle East

Syria: Russian involvement, U.S. response. Several possible reasons for Russian involvement – which one sounds most likely to you?

Russia notes military advisers in Syria amid widening friction with West

US Moves to Block Russian Military Buildup in Syria

Iran: Today’s best headline, and what that article is taking about. Desperation or good governance? (Footnote: A study a while back found that people had more favorable views of cockroaches than Congress, which may suggest why GOP ‘outsider’ candidates are doing better than expected.)

Sargent – On Iran deal, Republicans move swiftly to snatch defeat from jaws of defeat

Republican Revolt Stalls House Debate on Iran Nuclear Deal

Saudi Arabia: A new generation gains influence.

Ignatius – The son who would be the Saudis’ king

Israel: “Can we all just get along?” (Bonus points for the best-known source.)

Israel Bans 2 Muslim Groups That Protest at Jerusalem Holy Site

Footnotes: Britain has now used their drones in Syria (anti-ISIS strike), Asutralian planes are now attacking ISIS targets in Syria (they’ve already done so in Iraq), and Turkish forces crossed their border with Iraq in pursuit of Kurdish targets. Pakistan has now started using their own drones (as in manufactured there) against extremist targets in Pakistan.


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