FX – Migrants

Today’s update…

The journey in pictures:

A Migrant’s Journey: 1 Week, 30,000 People, 2,500 Miles

Doing the math: 4 million Syrians displaced externally; how many is enough for the EU?

European Official Calls for Continent to Take In 160,000 Migrants

NPR stories: Questions about who isn’t stepping up, an overview, a refugee talks about fleeing and resettling, and Austria as a historical gateway.

Many Question Why The U.S. Isn’t Taking In More Syrian Refugees

Gulf States Taking Heat For Not Resettling Syrian Refugees

The Migrant Crisis In Context

Vietnamese ‘Boat Person’ Speaks Out About Refugee Crisis

Austrian Town Historically Welcoming To Refugees Overwhelmed By Crisis

Hungary: Some perspective about life there, and how that might influence their actions. See previous comments on core/periphery distinctions.

Szecsi – Hungary – How Europe’s Other Half Lives

Five possible solutions, with the pros and cons of each. A must-have article for the files, particularly for novices.

Five ways to solve Europe’s refugee crisis


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