NX – Terrorism, Health Care, Economics, Puerto Rico, Election

Terrorism: NPR story on efforts to counter extremist recruiting.

Minneapolis Unveiling Plan To Counter Recruiting By ISIS

Health Care: Dealing with drug costs. The best one I’ve seen on the subject (it offers solutions!) and a must-have article for NX files.

Emanuel – The Solution to Drug Prices

Economics: Two of the big names on Fed (FRB) rate hike talk.

Larry Summers – Why the Fed must stand still on rates

Stiglitz – Fed Up with the Fed

A subset of domestic economics is the debt crisis facing Puerto Rico.

How Puerto Rico hopes to break its debt spiral and fix its broken economy

Puerto Rico’s Governor Announces Plan To Reduce $72 Billion Debt

2016 election: I don’t post very much on the elections, as readers know, but this one seemed worth passing on as (our local) novice season is about to begin. The author does a column called Right Turn – this is no liberal commentary.

Rubin – Seven signs you’re not ready to be president


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