FX – Around the World

This should fill in a few gaps in the file box…

Asia first:

China: Being a player on the world stage is complicated.

Chinese Citizen Held by ISIS Poses Test for Beijing

Singapore: A family dynasty?

Singapore Vote Will Test Long Ruling Party’s Grip on Power

Thailand: Combining military dictatorship with sound economic policy is a challenge.

Joehnk et al – How to Save the Thai Economy

Afghanistan: Well, it doesn’t look like they want us to leave quite yet.

Afghans See American General as Crucial to Country’s Defense


In Pakistan, a prime minister and a country rebound – at least for now

Latin America next:


Brazil’s Economic Crisis Intensifies, Raising Pressure on President


Report Renews Hope and Doubt on Missing Students in Mexico


Venezuela’s UN Envoy Defends Crackdown Along Border With Colombia


Uganda: With guest appearances by Kenya and Ethiopia, joining Russia (et. al.) on NGO limits and crackdowns.

Uganda should scrap its repressive NGO bill

Sudan: Darfur, back in the news for all the wrong reasons again.

Report Details New Atrocities in Darfur by Sudanese Force


Northern Ireland: Still in the news, for the usual reasons.

Senior Sinn Fein Member Arrested in Northern Ireland Murder

Northern Ireland Faces Crisis as Unionist First Minister Resigns


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