FX – Migrants

Another daily update…

First, the scale of the problem, graphically illustrated (as in graphs, not graphic gore).

The Scale of the Migrant Crisis, From 160 to Millions

More on responsibility and possibilities, from both sides of the pond (British and American, respectively). The first story also discusses the situation in Hungary specifically.

Hilton – Who’s Responsible for the Refugees

Kristof – Compassion for Refugees Isn’t Enough

Country-Hopping: Hungary, Denmark, and Poland.

This extended Syrian family made it to Hungary – What happens next

Migrants Enter Denmark, Determined To Reach Sweden

Gebert – Poland Shouldn’t Shut Out Refugees

Out of Africa – details and, in spite of being from NPR, some of the best maps on exiting Africa I’ve seen.

The Perils Of Migration Out Of Africa

Lebanon and Syrian refugees, plus what you have to do to get government papers when there’s no government.

Mass Exodus Of Syrians From Lebanon Prompted By Crackdown On Refugees

Why Syrians Are Entering Europe With Fake Passports


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