NX – Health Care, Economics

Health Care: Teaching doctors to make good economic choices for the patient.

Medical Schools Teach Students To Talk With Patients About Care Costs

Economics: More on the Bush (Jeb? George W.? Is there a difference?) tax plans – let the analysis begin!

Jeb Bush’s new tax plan could cost $3.4 trillion over next decade

Jeb Bush’s tax plan doesn’t quite add up

The Bush tax cuts are back, just with more exclamation points

The last article has a good analysis of taxes and economic growth, the basis on which Bush is pushing his plan. If we have the tax income now, but will have $340 billion less per year on average after the tax cuts, who do you think is going to get to keep that money? (Trickle down doesn’t, does it?) If nothing else, the Bush plan is a good starting point for comparing the plans of other candidates.

The author of the following article is with the Manhattan Institute, a conservative think tank. Why would conservatives, who normally hate government programs, propose this alternative to raising wages? And how would we pay for it if it came out of tax revenues, particularly given the previous articles? Notice who doesn’t have to pay the increase; is this like externalizing the cost of health care to government programs, the way poorly-paying businesses have done for years?

Cass – A Smarter Way to Raise Paychecks

More on economic schools (literally in this case) of thought.

Irwin – How Stanford Took On the Giants of Economics

It points our the ascendancy of the MIT crowd; I’d argue that they’ve overtaken the U. Chicago crowd because Keynesian policies work better.

I do have a folder in the extemp files labeled NASA-Space. You’ll find this article in it after the next update. The headline says it all.

Alien Nuclear Wars Might Be Visible From Earth – The Atlantic

Somehow I don’t think that this is what SETI had in mind…


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