NX – Education

Time to do the math:

Sidebotham – Why I quit teaching

Crunch the numbers she offers on hours worked. Then consider that coaching a speech and debate team can be another 500-800 hours per year (a figure I received from two different long-time coaches who’d tried to calculate it), depending in part on making it to Nationals. (We’re not talking national circuit and a lot of travel here, just 20+ local/regional tournaments a season.) How does the number you get compare to the 2080 hours/year figure for people who work ‘normal’ full-time (40 x 52) jobs? And teachers are doing this in about 10 months, not 12.

Conclusion: Be nice to your coach. (It might also explain the turnover in the coaching ranks you undoubtedly notice.)

Charter Schools: My first university had a HPEd department – History and Philosophy of Education – that appealed to my policy and history background. That’s why I like this article – what a wonderful policy question, and one that you need some history to answer.

What makes a public school public – Washington state court finds charter schools unconstitutional

Finally, a series of articles that ought to grab your attention – what high school student wouldn’t love this question?

One of nation’s largest school districts ditches high school final exams

In Montgomery County, questions and a mixed reaction after finals are cut

Don’t eliminate final exams, Montgomery County

How would this go over in your school/district?


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