FX – Around the World

Azerbaijan: A first-time appearance, and a good “where in the world” question.

Dogged reporting in Azerbaijan landed a US-trained journalist in prison

Ukraine: Another kind of battle to fight.

As war wanes, Ukraine faced with new battle against corruption

Russia: A street-level view.

Tavernise – Why Russians Hate America – Again

Northern Ireland:

Northern Ireland Must Resist Pull of the Past

Great Britain: Which party did Corbyn’s election help the most?

Labour Party’s Swerve Left May Help Tories in Next British Elections

Migrants: Germany hits overload, what happens if you get separated from your family, and what role should the church play?

Germany Said to Plan Emergency Border Measures

Refugees searching for new lives lose loved ones along the way

In Hungary, Churches Are Conspicuously Silent On Migrants

Egypt: More detail than the article posted earlier. Apparently elections are involved, but they were going to happen anyway.

Premier Quits With Cabinet, Roiling Egypt

Yemen and Saudi Arabia: War is ugly – always.

Airstrikes Take Toll on Civilians in Yemen War

Syria: For those left behind (so far).

Fear overtaking relative calm in Damascus

Cuba: Hope for change?

Previous Papal Visits Changed Little, But Cubans Hopeful For Pope Francis


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