FX – Global Warming, and a whole lot more

Some articles are very broad in scope. These two articles fall under that heading.

The author of the first article just published the book Black Earth, a well-reviewed re-examination of the Holocaust and the motives behind it. He starts there, takes us through global warming and food shortages (real or imagined), stops in China as a hypothetical, and paints a picture that’s not going to be anyone’s idea of a utopian world. While it would take a particular set of dominoes falling in a particular order to get his outcome, his point is that there are a lot of dominoes lined up already that could tip in bad ways – and some already have.

Snyder – The Next Genocide

The second article also covers a lot of ground, but in different terms. The author mentions Fukuyama’s 1989 essay (“The End of History”); there was a response to it that I’ve mentioned before – Huntington’s 1993 essay “The Clash of Civilizations.” (Fukuyama had been a student of Huntington’s; the essays are two of the definitive Political Science essay and are likely to be read by anyone with that major.) This article talks about the current lack of universality of certain ideals globally; the fault lines described look similar to the ones Huntington talked about over two decades ago.

Are Western Values Losing Their Sway

These article contain a lot of ideas about the dangers ahead of us; how do these articles impact the answers you might give to the Extemp questions you’ll encounter this season?


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