FX – Around the World, part 1

Migrants first: Border issues surface – not unexpectedly.

Austria, Slovakia and the Netherlands Introduce Border Controls

As Hungary Seals Its Borders, A Rush To Make It Across

Afghanistan: Not all migrants are Syrian.

For $14.50, Afghan Refugees Make a Desperate Bet on a Way Out

Syria: Where much of it begins; many don’t get past the country next door..

How The Assad Regime Pushes Syrians Out, Fueling Refugee Surge

For Syrian Refugees, Needs Are Growing And Aid Is Declining

Russia and Syria: Not all air flights are in a straight line.

Russian Flights Over Iraq and Iran Escalate Tension With US

Russia: I’m shocked! Shocked!

Russian Local Elections Draw Charges of Fraud

Russia and Ukraine: Are these people the puppets, or the puppet masters?

Former Russian rebels trade war in Ukraine for posh life in Moscow

Ukraine: A big name in economics weighs in.

Summers – Why Ukraine’s debt deal is important not just for Ukraine, but also for the West


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