FX – Around the World, part 2

Global Warming: More on the question of what would happen if we used up all the fossil fuels. While it gives gigatonne amounts, I still want to know what the atmospheric CO2 levels would be.

What Would Happen If We Burned All the World’s Fossil Fuels – CityLab

ISIS: Drone effectiveness – not?

Data shows drone attacks will not work against ISIL in Syria

Iran (and the whole Middle East): The best article so far to give a concise analysis of where the U.S. and Iran both agree and disagree, covering the whole region. Keep this one in your files.

US and Iran Both Conflict and Converge

Australia: Where the Liberal Party is the conservatives, and a guest appearance by Canada in the second article.

Malcolm Turnbull Defeats Tony Abbott to Become Party Leader and Prime Minister of Australia

Great Britain: Krugman tackles the link between Corbyn and the British economy.

Krugman – Labour’s Dead Center

El Salvador: “How do you know where you’re going if you don’t know where you’ve been?” – history lesson time.

US Wants Former Salvadoran Ally to Face Justice in 1989 Massacre

Venezuela: The top two stories coming out of there right now.

Free Venezuela’s Leopoldo Lopez

Rojas – Venezuela’s Politicized Border


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