CX and FX – Cyberwarfare

There’s a subfolder in the Extemp Files labeled US Military-Cyber; I combined the two because of the blurring of lines between business hacks and cyberwarfare – where does one end and the other begin?  (North Korea hacked Sony.) One of the results of that blurring of lines is the following article, which poses the question of how we are responding to that sort of threat. (Cyber-retaliation? Sanctions? What works?)

It involves CX to some extent because some of the industrial espionage may be a threat to U.S. security interests. If that’s the case, then counter-efforts will likely involve working with U.S. businesses – and that gets us back to the point of whether or not that allows the government access to the business’s collection of information on American citizens, and whether that could be used for domestic surveillance purposes.

Cyberthreat Posed by China and Iran Confounds White House


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