FX – Democracy

What is democracy? We know it involves elections, but is that alone enough? What if there’s only one party? There’s an argument that a democracy can’t be determined short-term – it needs to be evaluated over time, and requires the peaceful change of government from the initial ruling party to the opposition, and back again.

Democracy, in global terms, is often described in waves – the spread of democratic governments initially, and then some backsliding, often as those in power refuse to yield that power. (It can be by the often forceful repression of oppositions parties/politicians [Venezuela and Russia come to mind], or by extending the terms of term-limited politicians, among more obvious methods.)

In the following article Diamond offers an overview of the increases and decreases in democracy in our Third Wave (see: Samuel Huntington’s essay and book with that title). This covers a lot of countries in your FX files. The article is long page-wise, but not all that wordy considering the ground covered.

Diamond – Democracy in Recession – timeline

One aspect of a working democracy is a free and open press, for not only the expression of displeasure about the current ruling elite, but also the expression of opposition politicians/parties ideas. I include the following because it touches on that, and because of the visual elements involved.

Charged Malaysian cartoonist Zunar receives 2015 CPJ Press Freedom Award


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