FX – Migrants

Border closings and restrictions shift both the policy debate and the humanitarian concerns, and mean enough articles for a separate post on the topic.

Best article first: Winder leads, in his first paragraph, with one of the key concepts of any anti-immigrant position – that the people coming in are some sort of ‘contaminant’ to the country in which they arrive. (Another analytical tool for our toolbox – and one that should definitely be used in a speech.) Winder then provides an excellent history lesson for the continent.

Winder – Europe, a Continent of Refugees

A bit more of a history lesson, with why Europe in particular was ground zero for questions of asylum, and asylum rules. (Share this one with your NX people for their Immigration folder.)

Who Qualifies for ‘Asylum’

The map in the first article, showing where Hungary put up their fence, goes a long way towards defining how the migrant flow will now shift. The second article shows Germany’s specific issues (with maps and graphs).

Hungary begins mass arrests

Germany’s enthusiasm for refugees might not last – These maps explain why

Stories from around the continent, print sources first:

Numbers of Migrants and Unrest Prompted Germany’s Border Controls

A Syrian family, and one of the last trains to Munich

Caught in no man’s land between Serbia and Hungary

With Some Paths Shut, Migrants Seek Others

NPR stories on the issue, in the order they were aired:

Hungary Closes Border With Serbia; Vows To Arrest Trespassers

A Closer Look At Hungary’s Migration History

Migrant Crisis Adds To Tension Between UK And Rest Of Europe

Thousands Of Migrants Stranded In Serbia After Hungary Seals Border

One final article, dealing with the people crossing the Mediterranean:

Russia Resisting Europe Request for Tough UN Anti-Smuggling Step


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