NX – Health Care, Puerto Rico, Immigration, Economics

Health Care: Is defunding Planned Parenthood a good idea? Is there a GOP war on women?

Planned Parenthood is a symbol – This is the reality of one Ohio clinic

Rampell – Louisiana’s attack on women’s health

Puerto Rico:

Hispanics in Congress Ask Treasury to Prevent ‘Catastrophe’ in Puerto Rico

Immigration: Negative words about, but positive effects from, immigration. Good numbers.

America’s immigration ‘dumping ground’ contributes to vibrancy and growth

Are states the answer, given that immigration is a federal issue?

Suro – Where to Go for Real Immigration Reform

History lesson – how California Republicans shot off their mouth and hit their foot.

From California, A Warning To Republicans On Anti-Immigration Rhetoric

Economics: Bush tax proposal, then the Fed rate hike.

My favorite economics joke: “You could put all of the economists in the world end to end, and they still couldn’t reach a conclusion.” This article is that joke come to life.

How Economists Forecast Growth Under Jeb Bush – By Guessing

Marcus’s third paragraph asks the key question – remember it. (You should also know the phrase ‘voodoo economics’ – Jeb’s dad gave us that one.)

Marcus – Jeb Bush’s ‘voodoo economics’

A sensible part of Bush’s proposal, or biting the hand that feeds him?

The Surprising Target of Jeb Bush’s Tax Plan – Private Equity

The Fed – some recent history on whether or not they can get it right.

The economy never seems to be as good as the Fed thinks it will be

Yogi Berra once said “When you come to a fork in the road, take it.” Summers and an opponent discuss those forks on NPR.

Federal Reserve Faces Fork In The Road Over Interest Rates

The investor class ponder the effect of the Fed decision – some very complex interactions with unclear outcomes.

Poised for Rate Increase, Investors Hope for Small Ripples


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