FX and NX – Democracy, part 2

Yesterday I posted some comments about democracy globally – what constitutes a democracy, and how the number of democracies increase and decrease. The comments were painted with a broad brush. Today’s article gets into attitudes towards democracies, and a much more detailed look at the forces that can influence the degree of democracy a country has. Consider how Foa’s comments interact with Edsall’s comments (posted earlier) about campaign finance reform.

Foa et al – Across the Globe, a Growing Disillusionment With Democracy

In the second paragraph on page 4 there’s a discussion of egalitarian societies and oligarchic societies, and the impact those have on democracy. Has America reached the point where it’s an oligarchic society rather than an egalitarian society? If so, can we change it, or has that ship sailed? Do we now have forces in America that are actively trying to limit democracy?


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