FX – Around the World

Yemen: This is not a pleasant story to read (be forewarned), but this is the reality of war. And this story could be from Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, or any number of other countries. It’s much of why I question the Neocon military-first (-only?) approach. War always means this outcome, so do not choose it lightly.

Kutabish – In Yemen, Death From Above, Grief Below

Syria: The people we like are fighting a two-front war – against Assad’s forces and against Islamic extremists (ISIS and Al Qaeda’s Nusra front mostly). And refugees actually impact Turkey, Jordan, and Lebanon more than the ones we see in the news entering Europe impact that continent.

Syria – Administration searches for new approach to aiding rebels

Are Syrian refugees a security threat to the Middle East – Reuters

Iran: “U.S. demoted from Great Satan to Lesser Satan; Republican exceptionalists immediately denounce the move!”

Post-Deal Iran Asks if US Is Still ‘Great Satan,’ or Something Less

The Castro brothers in Cuba, and Chavez and Maduro in Venezuela, have made it a business to demonize America as a means of rallying their troops to the cause. Iranian hard-liners and and the GOP have long used each other to scare their base supporters in a similar fashion. (Exploiting the Us/Them dichotomy, an old trick for political gain.) If we’re no longer the worst thing in the world to Iranians, where does that leave the people here who use that tactic?

Thailand: Ah, the joys of military dictatorship. An acquaintance once spoke, with no fondness, of her husband’s several-year experience in an ‘attitude adjustment’ camp in Vietnam after the Americans left.

Thailand’s ruling generals threaten critics with an ‘attitude adjustment’

Malaysia: Note the racial/ethnic elements.

Pro-Government Rally Ends in Malaysia Capital After Standoff – Bloomberg Business

China: More on their economic zombie epidemic, and an evaluation of that trend. Plus, is China a friend or an enemy?

A ‘Sense Of Crisis’ Now In A Chinese Boomtown Gone Bust

Is the China Growth Model Dead – The Diplomat

Obama and China – Trying to play well with a close frenemy

(The source of the second article above  – The Diplomat – covers the Asia-Pacific region far more thoroughly than I do/can, which might make it a good source for hard core FXers.)

Sri Lanka: Admitting to the past to help move forward.

UN Urges Sri Lanka to Establish Court to Investigate War Abuses

Brazil: A very succinct headline.

Brazil’s economy tanks as multibillion-dollar corruption scandal expands

Guatemala: Any hope of success?

Next Test for Guatemala’s Protest Movement – Improving Citizens’ Lives

Russia: The veneer of democracy…

Trudolyubov – Russia’s Latest Fake Election


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