FX – Around the World

Not much in print today, but a bunch of good NPR stories…

Israel: Lobbying at the boundary between our politics and theirs.

AIPAC Walks Bipartisan Line While Israeli Politics Moves Sharply Right

Syria: The last third of the story is the reason I’m posting this.

Roger Cohen – Little Syria in Lesbos

ISIS: Didn’t expect this one. First, the NPR interview with the author, and then his print story.

Top ISIS Commander Had U.S. Training

US training helped mold top Islamic State military commander

Russia: Title says it all.

Russian Aid To Syrian Regime Designed To Shift Focus From Ukraine

Foreign Policy: The different foreign policy flavors of GOP candidates.

GOP Focus on World Affairs Reveals a Divide Among the Contenders

Cuba: They get a papal visit, too.

The Long-Fraught Relationship Between Cuba And The Catholic Church

Sri Lanka: It was a really ugly war.

A Reckoning on Sri Lanka War Crimes

Eritrea: “The North Korea of Africa” is worth following (from a distance).

Why So Many Eritreans Are Fleeing To Europe


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