NX – Immigration, Economics, Fossil Fuels, Elections

Immigration: How to deny citizenship to citizens.

Hurdles as Immigrants Seek Texas Birth Certificates for Children

A legitimate question – who goes first?

Bowker – Forget the Syrian refugees – America needs to bring its Afghan and Iraqi interpreters here first

Economics: A quick look at the flavors of the candidates’ tax plans. Do any of them not make the rich richer?

The Many Schools Of GOP Tax Reform

Fossil Fuels: Another good question – why did we put a ban in place, and is it time to change it?

After four decades, the US might lift its ban on oil exports – Here’s what you need to know

Elections: NX is a public speaking event; this story concerns, among other things, language skills and public speaking.

What Is Donald Trump’s Appeal To Voters? He Represents Their Anger.


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