FX – Asia

China: They’ve changed, but have we changed our foreign policy approach appropriately? How does the second article impact our answer to that question?

Mann – America’s painfully outdated approach to China

US and China Seek Arms Deal for Cyberspace

Philippines: Is this article also part of the answer to the question above?

Warily Eyeing China, Philippines May Invite US Back to Subic Bay

Japan: Good decision, or slippery slope? How does this impact the whole China foreign policy question?

Japan Military Bills Provoke Scuffling in Parliament

Japan’s Parliament Approves Overseas Combat Role for Military

Japan enhances military’s role as security bills pass

India: When we did the China CX topic in the mid-1990s, one of the things that came up was how the Chinese government used residency and work permits (along with secret files) to control citizens.

Rao – A Card That Gives Migrant Workers a Name – India

Malaysia: More on their corruption scandal. Plus, are we known by the company we keep?

Malaysia Blocks Critic of Prime Minister From Taking Case to US

Malaysia’s prime minister is a questionable ally


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