FX – Latin America

Cuba: Past and present – Cuba and the Catholic Church.

How the Catholic Church Survived Castro and Communism – The Atlantic

Pope Francis Faces a Challenge in Opening Cuba to the Church

Pope Francis is bringing a wish list to Cuba, but he may be disappointed

When the pope visits Cuba, he’ll find that many of the priests aren’t Cuban

The other big announcement.

US Eases Some Limits on Cuban Travel and Commerce

Venezuela: More on their immigration issue.

Colombian Migrants Are the Scapegoats of Venezuela

Brazil: A small bit of good news for some there.

Brazil to Keep Paying Allowances for the Poor

Mexico: History, on how Fed decisions can affect other countries.

Watching the Fed, and Remembering the Tequila Crisis

Haiti: Posting obituaries here isn’t exactly the norm, but this is no ordinary obituary.

Max Beauvoir, Who Gave Up Science to Be High Priest of Voodoo, Dies at 79

Costa Rica: This is what stupid looks like.

Tourists Thwart Turtles from Nesting in Costa Rica


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