FX – Migrants

Hungary continues to show such charming manners.

Hungary Accuses Migrant Protesters of Terrorism for Clashing With Police

Croatia gets stuck in the middle.

Asylum seekers confront rejection as Europe puts up roadblocks

17,000 Migrants Stranded in Croatia by Border Crackdown

Relief of the backed up pressure?

Hungary, Slovenia start to allow some migrants to pass through from Croatia

If the land mines don’t get you…

Another Hazard for Migrants in Europe – Poisonous Mushrooms

Another must-have overview article.

8 reasons Europe’s refugee crisis is happening now

Today’s guest appearances:

France: Does the second story explain the first story?

A Belated Welcome in France Is Drawing Few Migrants

Migrants Settled In Europe Feel Overshadowed By Current Refugees

Slovakia: Not to be confused with Slovenia.

Slovakia Rejects EU’s Call For Mandatory Migrant Quotas

Iraq: …and Facebook!

Facebook is the new travel guide for Iraqis headed to Europe

History lesson: Kosovo

Krasniqi – Like the Syrians, I fled my country (Kosovo) – Here’s what you don’t understand about refugees


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