NX – Economics, Election, and Health Care

A government shutdown is looming over the issue of funding Planned Parenthood. Is this a man-made mountain over a financial molehill?

The small stakes of the latest government shutdown fight, visualized – Planned Parenthood funding

More on the Ex-Im fight – who are the job-killers?

Nocera – Republican Job Killers and the Export-Import Bank

Economics and the election: Something on which I actually agree with Trump.

Carried-Interest Tax Break Divides Again, After Trump Revives the Issue

GOP debate:

Rampell – The economy was a no-show at GOP debate

Why this was a bad thing – even to other Republicans.

Are Democrats and Republicans talking about the same country

The debate’s economic (in)accuracy.

Zakaria – Dear Donald Trump – China, Japan and Mexico are not “killing us”

The debate as a test on the Constitution. (This one really disturbs me.)

Marcus – The GOP candidates need a remedial course in constitutional law

For those occasions when the Republican candidates are attacking someone besides other Republican candidates.

Five myths about classified information


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