FX – Middle East

Afghanistan: I’ve seen few stories create the outrage that this one did. Catch is, I first read about this sort of thing years ago; PBS even showed a documentary on the ‘dancing boys’ a while back. Why the outrage now, and not then?

US Soldiers Told to Ignore Afghan Allies’ Abuse of Boys

Reactions to the story.

Ignoring Sexual Abuse in Afghanistan

US Outrage and Resignation Over Afghans’ Rape of Boys

Afghanistan and the E.U. migrant crisis.

Abandoning Afghan War Zone in a Perilous Quest for Europe

Israel: I used to drive a school bus, and a former co-worker who moved to Israel said, on a visit back, that bus drivers there wouldn’t wear a seatbelt in case they had to evacuate the vehicle (suicide bomb, real or imagined). A school in my district was once shut down for what turned out to be a misplaced duffel bag with the drama teacher’s kidnapped Elmo doll. My wife once worked with a blind Kurdish refugee in Sweden who had lost his eyesight to a letter bomb. How do you know what’s safe and what isn’t?

A Suspicious Object

Does Israel rely too much on the U.S., and does the agreement with Iran mean that that needs to change?

Rosner – Israel Needs New Friends

Libya: Still trying to sort things out.

In Libya, trying to make one government out of two

As Frustrations Build in Libya, So Do Calls for Help

ISIS: What their defectors are saying – and can we spread that story?

ISIS Defectors Reveal Disillusionment

Dozens of fighters are defecting from the Islamic State – Here’s why

Syria: Refugees, staying close to home.

As Others Flee to West, Most Syrian Refugees Remain in Region

Saudi Arabia: Dealing with the U.S. after the Iran agreement.

Ibish – A Saudi-American Reset


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