FX – Asia

Thailand: The military is in charge for now.

With King in Declining Health, Future of Monarchy in Thailand Is Uncertain


Amid Protests, Nepal Adopts Constitution

Slipping Backward in Nepal

South Korea: Will we be seeing this sort of thing in China soon, with their billionaire businessmen (and their families)?

‘War of Princes’ Sows Turmoil at South Korean Conglomerate

Indonesia: Major environmental issues, which affect their neighbors, too

As Indonesia Prospers, Air Pollution Takes Toll

Burma: More on ethnic conflicts there.

Zarni – In Myanmar, Peace for Ethnic Rights

Sri Lanka: More on the war crimes issue, and a climb back towards respectability.

Fernando – Sri Lanka’s War Crimes Controversy

At UN Assembly, Sri Lankan Leader Aims to Lift Country’s Stature

India: Concerns about extremist Hindu nationalism, and the impacts on the secular and non-Hindu population. Will Modi take action, or acquiesce?

Faleiro – India’s Attack on Free Speech

A mob in India just dragged a man from his home and beat him to death – for eating beef

Mob killing of Indian Muslim over beef rumor sparks online backlash

Mob Attack, Fueled by Rumors of Cow Slaughter, Has Political Overtones in India


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