FX and PF (Nov ’15 – Refugees) – Migrants

Lots to post on this, particularly since it’ll concern the upcoming PF topic on refugees; this is the first batch.

If we’d done more to help people in the countries surrounding Syria, or set up a safe area inside the country, would the problem be as bad as it is now?

UN Funding Shortfalls and Cuts in Refugee Aid Fuel Exodus to Europe

Yes, Hungary really does have a Muslim community – not that you’d know this from governmental actions.

As hostility flares, Hungary’s Muslim community mobilizes to aid refugees

EU issues:

Plan on Migrants Strains the Limits of Europe’s Unity

Austria Takes Role of Distribution Center for Germany-Bound Migrants

The really really really big question.

After hard journeys to Europe, who gets to stay

We get big stories, but they’re made up from a lot of smaller ones. Here’s a look at just one day – and likely just some of the smaller stories.

EU and Migrants – News snapshots of a single day

And the Refugee Crisis winner is:

Glenny – The Refugee Crisis Has Produced One Winner – Organized Crime


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