PF (Oct ’15 – Reparations)

First, this story appeared:

David Cameron Grapples With Issue of Slavery Reparations in Jamaica

Here was his reply:

Cameron provides Caribbean aid, rejects slavery reparations

So the NY Times took up the issue as a Room For Debate subject:

Are Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade Reparations Due?

These were the four brief articles/arguments from that debate:

Hochschild – Fair Trade Agreements Would Be More Effective Now than Reparations

Shepherd – Justice Requires Former Colonialists Pay Reparations

MacKenzie – Reparations for Britain’s Atlantic Slave Trade Would Be Impracticable

Hardaway – The Case for International Reparations for Slavery Is Moral and Lawful, Even If Hard to Prove

They ran a similar Room For Debate question back in June 2014:

Are Reparations Due to African-Americans?

These were the articles/arguments then:

Berry – We Need a ‘Reparations Superfund’

Brophy – Who Would Pay for Reparations, and Why?

McWhorter – No Consensus on Need or Possible Results of Reparations

Fletcher – American Indians Seek Control, Not Just Reparations

Price – Reparations Can and Should Be Done in a Powerful Way

Millman – Reparations Could Widen, Rather Than Heal, Racial Rifts

Robinson – Horrific Injustice of Slavery Must Be Repaired

Check out the authors and their qualifications. Some of the articles may have additional links worth pursuing.


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