FX – China

Is this inevitable?

Destined for War – Can China and the United States Escape Thucydides’s Trap – The Atlantic

Players and positions:

Jerome Cohen – The insecurity underpinning Xi Jinping’s repression

Xi Jinping’s Inner Circle Offers Cold Shoulder to Western Officials

Chinese Colonel’s Hard-Line Views Seep Into the Mainstream


Chinese Embrace America’s Culture but Not Its Policies


This is where China’s future will be decided

Ethnic issues:

In a Region Disturbed by Ethnic Tensions, China Keeps Tight Lid on a Massacre

I’ve posted about China in Africa before, but that’s not their only economics outreach region.

China’s Ambitious Rail Projects Crash Into Harsh Realities in Latin America

I’m inclined to think that this next one is a one-off after the recent state visit. I doubt that the arrests involved (or will involve) those hacking for the Chinese government.

In a first, Chinese hackers are arrested at the behest of the US government

And now we circle back to the theme of the first article posted…

US Briefing Asian Allies on Plans for Naval Patrols in South China Sea


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