NX – Guantanamo, Health Care, Immigration, Economics, Environment, Energy

On closing Guantanamo:

How to Close Guantanamo

The Best Way to Close Guantanamo – Reader Q&A

Environment: Years ago I read a comment that (fresh) water was going to be the oil of the 21st century. Apparently others think that, too.

Investors Are Mining for Water, the Next Hot Commodity

Energy: What our energy infrastructure looks like – maps!

This Interactive Map of US Energy Infrastructure Has It All – CityLab

Health Care: One reason most people never seem to get a raise that puts them ahead of the financial curve.

Health Insurance Deductibles Outpacing Wage Increases, Study Finds

Drug companies – behavior worth criticizing, and how they respond to criticism.

A defining moment in modern health care – drug prices

Drug Companies Hire New Lobbyist to Answer Critics

Economics: More on Trump’s tax plan, and the question of predatory business practices and regulation.

Sargent – Donald Trump may have just played us all for suckers

Nocera – Is Donald Trump Serious

Krugman – Dewey, Cheatem & Howe

Immigration: The first article has some much-needed historical background, then a look at immigration numbers and a ground-level view.

Gjelten – The unintended consequences of a 50-year-old US immigration bill

Share of Immigrants in US Nears Highs of Early 20th Century, Report Finds

Refugee Crisis in Syria Raises Fears in South Carolina

Finally, Brooks looks at American exceptionalism and today’s GOP (and touches on immigration, too).

Brooks – The American Idea and Today’s GOP


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