LD – N/D ’15 Jury Nullification

I checked the back files last night, and did have a couple of articles on Jury Nullification. The first is from February 2011, the second from October 2013.

Jury Nullification Advocate Is Indicted

Metro billboard advocating jury nullification concerns local prosecutors

The following is a response to the February 2011 incident/article.

Suppression of Jury Nullification Advocates’ Speech Outside Courthouse

We’ve come to the conclusion that filling our prisons with non-violent drug offenders isn’t the right way to go (thus the sentencing reform efforts and even some presidential pardons); this would seem to support jury nullification advocates who put the idea forward as a means of stopping the application of overly restrictive drug laws. But the history of the misuse of jury nullification in cases of white on black violence during the civil rights era stands as a serious counterpoint.

Denver Post articles on the recent issues with jury nullification advocates:

Denver DA charges man with tampering for handing out jury nullification flyers

Second Denver man wanted in jury tampering case

Denver activists file federal lawsuit over jury nullification arrests

Jury nullification is not a crime, Denver – editorial

Arrest of Denver activists promoting jury nullification (2 letters)

Denver city attorney tells cops to stop arresting courthouse activists

Federal judge’s injunction allows jury activists at Denver courthouse

Officers remove activists’ tent after clash at Denver courthouse

Federal hearing scheduled in dispute between Denver and activists

Legal battle over First Amendment plays out at Denver courthouse

Denver police won’t be held in contempt in dispute with activists

Colorado AG wants permanent ban on protests at Denver courthouse

Men accused of felony jury tampering plead not guilty in Denver

Keegan – A history of hate against America’s police

If you read through these, the question of jury nullification is almost secondary. The anti-police nature of the protests suggests other possible motives for being pro-jury nullification, and the legal battles center around freedom of speech issues. At the same time, the attacks on jury nullification advocates, with regular charges of jury tampering as a means of suppressing free speech, are a major concern and lead to the question of why such tactics would be used by jury nullification opponents.


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