L/D – Jan/Feb ’16 – Handgun ban

My Gun Issues folder is now available through Dropbox. Unlike the extemp files, this one goes as far back as I have articles (2008), though there are chronological gaps in the files as life got in the way. There are already, in the first three days of 2016, several articles on the topic, with more expected; I’ll update this through the duration of the topic as I do with the extemp files. (Read the Extemp Files update post for instructions on how to access and download the files; email me if you need the whole thing, as a complete download could trip the Dropbox shutdown limits.)

Several major incidents are reflected – the Gifford shooting in Arizona in early 2011, Sandy Hook in late 2012/early 2013, and the Colorado and California shootings in December 2015. Each occasion prompted an outpouring of articles on whether guns should/shouldn’t be limited; see if the arguments have changed over time, of if we’re just repeating ourselves and saying the same things over and over.

I have a bias here that should be noted: about 20 years ago I had to write to the NFL offices to let them know to drop a team member from the files because she’d died – a handgun suicide. I also know people who were at Columbine in 1999, a definitive event in my neck of the woods and one that cost two speech team members their lives. When I started coaching I never expected that gun issues would be connected to the activity. I was wrong.


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