FX/NX/PF – Extemp Files update

The Extemp Files were just updated, through today. (There was also an unposted update Sunday morning, through last Saturday.) This includes the Elections file folder – it’s been too interesting an election season to not follow, however transient I normally find election season articles.

PF January 2016 – Russia: Check the Russia folder for the latest. Nothing specific on Russia and sanctions in the last week, but check out the Ignatius article on our likely need to deal with Russia regardless of other things – and that was written before the article that appeared today about Russia providing military aid to Afghanistan. (Russia isn’t included in talks about Afghanistan; is this their toe in the door, or do they just want a stronger neighbor to keep extremism from crossing into Russia from their border with Afghanistan?) How do the Ignatius article and the military aid impact the PF topic?

Extemp Files instructions repost: The link takes you to a Dropbox folder; if a pop-over window saying something about setting up an account or logging in comes up, just close it.

The files are serious overkill – about 16,000 articles since July. There should be a way to copy or download individual articles when you find the ones you want in your files – try right-clicking the specific PDF file/article and selecting the ‘save link as’ option.

The four-digit numbers at the beginning of most of the file names (and the names of the sub-folders) are simply mm/yy codes so that you can tell how recent the article is at a glance.

Please don’t download the whole thing; it trips up my Dropbox limits and bad things happen that shut down access for others. If you need a full copy, let me know (see the About link for an email address) and I’ll make arrangements to get you a copy.


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