L/D – Jan/Feb ’16 – Handgun ban

The Gun Issues folder is available through Dropbox, and was just updated through today’s articles.

In the following article, Kristof gives some general statistics on guns and gun violence, probably more useful to the Aff than the Neg, on this topic. He does make a passing mention of smart guns near the end of the article – more on that in a moment.

Kristof – Guns, Tears and Republicans

Blow, in the following article, gives some useful history on gun regulation, and the motivation(s) for it at different times. The racial aspects of gun control, or lack thereof, are not often mentioned.

Blow – Gun Control and White Terror

Back to smart guns, with Stromberg’s article. How do smart guns impact the resolution? Aff or Neg? (One of my debaters used it quite successfully last weekend; pop quiz is to figure out on which side of the resolution he applied them.)

Stromberg – The Obama gun executive order that will do the most good – and drive gun nuts mad

Teret, in favor of smart guns, from the NYTimes’ Room for Debate series. Link is to the original (though there is a copy in the Gun Issues folder) since the original does a better job of showing author qualifications.

Teret – Smart Guns Are Smart Policy

From the same series, Cooke opposing smart guns (or at least arguing that they’re not effective). Note his qualifications. Let’s just say that no one is going to mistake him for a liberal any time soon. As a conservative voice, are his points legitimate, or just part of the ‘party line’ that we always hear from the NRA and gun manufacturers? Do his points refute the effectiveness of smart guns?

Cooke – Smart Guns Are a Delusion

Finally, a link to the front page for the Room for Debate discussion on gun safety. There are four other articles besides the two I singled out; they’re in the Gun Issues folder.

Room for Debate – Making Gun Use Safer


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