L/D – Jan/Feb ’16 – Handgun ban

The Gun Issues folder is available through Dropbox, and was just updated through today’s articles.

Affs consistently run safety as a core value, with a variety of value criteria. I’ve been thinking that, while safety is important, perhaps approaching the issue from a public health standpoint (as any number of writers and medical professionals have urged) might work better. You could conceivably use safety as a CV, but then go with public health as your VC. Even a Social Contract approach might work – part of the social contract is the protection of citizens, and 30+k deaths a year suggest we’re not meeting the protection standard very well. Public health, or even utilitarianism (again, 30+k deaths hardly meets the greatest good standard), would match up as a VC. I don’t know that public health would come across as an impressive core value, but it would work as an evaluative measure. (Whatever Neg runs, Aff gets to argue that they’re supporting a system that allows for a huge number of deaths annually, which means a failure to meet a public health measurement/standard.)

This article might help:

Why Haven’t Gunmakers Improved Safety Technology the Way Automakers Did – The Atlantic

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