L/D – Jan/Feb ’16 – Handgun ban

The Gun Issues folder was just updated, through yesterday’s articles (end of January).

The latest round of relevant articles…

Australia’s gun ban, and resulting crime statistics, keep coming up. Here’s another look at the statistics there.

Fact Checker – Ted Cruz’s claim that sexual assaults rate ‘went up significantly’ after Australian gun control laws

While few would argue against a general right to self-defense, the method of doing that is open for discussion. When does your freedom negatively impact others?

Woman accidentally kills self adjusting bra holster – USA Today

Man who feared mass shootings brings gun to movie theater, accidentally shoots woman

People with concealed carry permits have committed at least 29 mass shootings since 2007

The deterrent power of firearms isn’t new…

People Thought Machine Guns Might Prevent Wars – The Atlantic

If removing handguns from civilian hands, as the resolution proposes, is appropriate, what about extending it even further? (Would this be an added benefit of affirming the resolution?)

The case for disarming America’s police force – Quartz

Black market guns come from three major sources – stolen guns, straw purchases, and purchases that evade background checks. This concerns the last category.

Facebook Moves to Ban Private Gun Sales on Its Site and Instagram

Most of what we cite in rounds has to do with statistics. This last article, perhaps the most important one I’m posting today, has to do with both the question of race, and the human toll that guns can have (over multiple generations).

Lee – On the Beat of Black Lives and Bloodshed

Update: Photo gallery from The Atlantic, from yesterday. Please note that the reality of gun violence can be disturbing to look at.

Where the Bullets Go


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