L/D – Jan/Feb ’16 – Handgun ban

The Gun Issues folder was just updated, through today’s articles.

More statistics; the cost numbers for gun violence in this one are new to me.

Firearm-Related Injury and Death in the United States – A Call to Action From 8 Health Professional Organizations and the ABA – Annals of Internal Medicine

The question of the role of guns in domestic violence has come up in several rounds I’ve judged. This article addresses that, from the first-person viewpoint of someone who was on the receiving end of the bullets.

A change in Virginia’s gun laws that makes a big difference for domestic violence victims

Black market guns come from three primary sources, one of which is straw purchases. Another first-person account on that issue, from the viewpoint of the shooter.

Lennon – Easy access to guns helped me commit murder – I’ve changed, but the loopholes remain – Quartz

Most discussions of guns for self-defense involve bullets that go where they’re supposed to. But they don’t; and if even the police can’t build a range that works in that regard…

US Capitol Police shut down firing range when bullets bounce back, union says

The question of gun culture isn’t discussed much in the rounds I’ve judged – and maybe it should be. The following three articles deal with such questions. First, if you deal with teenage boys to any extent, then you’ve come across the ones who are fascinated by the technology of cars. Are there those who enjoy guns for the technology involved? Is that really the reason for so many gun publications?

Guns & Ammo, Not Just Another Tech Magazine – The Atlantic

What role do non-hunting recreational shooters have in the resolution? (The article includes some interesting cost statistics.)

Guntry clubs are winning over a younger, more affluent increasingly female generation of shooters

Gun users speak out. The author’s first two paragraphs might make a good opening statement.

Downes – Reaching Across the Gun Divide in New Hampshire

Finally, the link to The Atlantic’s special report on guns and gun usage (several articles from the series have been posted here). Of particular interest are the comments from readers on their experiences, good and bad, with guns. What they say is every bit as astute as the professional writers and commentators behind most of what I post. The most recent posts, as of today, concern the guns and suicides question. Scroll down for a number of other good discussions on the overall issue we’re debating.

With Great Power


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