NX – Elections

I just updated the Elections folder in the Extemp Files; there are already over 400 articles from February alone. Winnowing through them for the best articles is a challenge – it depends on what facet of the issue you’re considering and what position you want to take.

For the moment, lets go with three articles that get into some of the reasons why the current election cycle looks the way it does. With a specific look at the problems Republicans face, Edsall gets to a key question – what if both parties nominate lemons?

Edsall – What About Ted Cruz

Why are Trump and Sanders doing so well?

Sargent – Donald Trump explains American politics in a single sentence

“We’re being ripped off, and Trump and Sanders are the only two candidates who are really saying that.” – Sargent’s rephrasing of Trump’s comment. (The article goes into why that’s the sentence that explains the election so far.)

This sets up the next quote…

Blow – White America’s ‘Broken Heart’

Bill Clinton, in Iowa: “We are going to share the future. The only question is: What will be the terms of the sharing?”

It’s a very good question to ask yourself during the next few months (and years). What’s your answer?


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