LD – Mar/Apr ’16 – Promoting democracy in Middle East

Don’t forget to read previous posts on this topic.

Most of the following articles are part of a series looking back at the Arab Spring 5 years later. Going chronologically by when they appeared…

Robbins – When it comes to democracy, Egyptians hate the player but Tunisians hate the game

Beissinger et al – What the Arab uprising protesters really wanted

Marks – What did Tunisia’s Nobel laureates actually achieve

Brooke – Did the Arab uprising destroy the Muslim Brotherhood

Lust et al – Why fear explains the failure of Egypt’s revolution

Wehrey – Why Libya’s transition to democracy failed

Brown et al – Are we seeing Palestine’s spring at long last

Iran is holding elections this week. Are they a democracy, and if so of what sort? Do they meet the terms of the resolution?

The Iran Election – What’s at Stake – Q and A

The question of the role of sectarianism arises in many places in the Middle East.

Gengler – How Bahrain’s crushed uprising spawned the Middle East’s sectarianism

Is democracy the answer?

A Radical Idea to Rebuild a Shattered Libya – Restore the Monarchy

Ask the Aff: Is a coup justified to support democracy?

Wright et al – Are coups good for democracy

Does affirming the resolution’s call for democracy require modern norms? If modern norms (in this case, regarding women) are not present, is democracy possible?

Daoud – The Sexual Misery of the Arab World

This article about the Varieties of Democracy project/web site mentions different types of democracies – an important consideration with this resolution. What I can’t find on the web site is definitions of the different types. They have a codebook, but it’s massive and didn’t seem to have the definitions concisely stated. (If you poke around the site and find the definitions, let me know.)

Open data and (15 million) new measures of democracy

In the following article, Roger Cohen writes a speech he’d like to hear Obama give. Page 2 is the good stuff for this resolution.

Roger Cohen – Obama’s Implicit Foreign Policy

Another question to ask an Aff: Should we pursue regime change in the Middle East? This is a bit of a tangential question, explored by the NYT’s Room for Debate series. The link takes you to the topic page; there are five articles connected to it. (I don’t have pdf files for these.)

Pursuing Regime Change in the Middle East


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