PF – Mar ’16 – Okinawa

One of the best articles, with several parts worth quoting, on the China-US conflict in the South China Sea area.

China testing Obama as it expands its influence in Southeast Asia

One question that I didn’t have an answer to that came up at practice – just how many military bases are there on Okinawa specifically, and in Japan in general? It turns out that there’s one-stop shopping for this question – Count away!

Other sources:

Wikipedia – United States Forces Japan

Wikipedia – List of United States military bases

Scroll down until you get to the Okinawa part of this (long) page:

US Military Bases in Japan – An overview

Philippines – the Wikipedia entry for Subic Bay, which we left in 1992 (post-volcano); the last paragraph makes a reference to our return there. An Okinawa relocation option?




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