PF Apr ’16 – Income inequality

These articles have more to do with the overall economic picture of income inequality than with infrastructure or means-tested welfare programs specifically. They should give you an overview of the issue, along with some decent statistics on the matter.

As you read these, ask yourself how the information they provide fits (or doesn’t fit) with the infrastructure/welfare options of the resolution.

Porter – Reviving the Working Class Without Building Walls

2015 was a terrible year for the common working man

100 CEOs Have More Saved Up for Retirement Than 41 Percent of US Families Combined – The Atlantic

Enriching Executives at the Expense of Many

How Much Wealth and Income Does America’s 1 Percent Really Have – The Atlantic

Edsall – Is Poverty a Kind of Robbery

Rank et al – Calculate Your Economic Risk

Your chances of becoming poor may be higher than you think

Worse than the Roaring Twenties – What even Thomas Piketty underestimates about American income inequality – Salon

Kristof – America’s Stacked Deck – political and economic

Inequality Will Not Go Away On Its Own – Here’s How to Close the Gap – The Nation

Shiller – How Wage Insurance Could Ease Economic Inequality

The biggest threat to American workers is slowly starting to go away – outsourcing and China

Majority of US public school students are in poverty

Marriage Equality Grows, and So Does Class Divide


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